Friday, December 4, 2009

Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

Were you watching, "So You Think You Can Dance", last night? If so you might have caught a glimpse at a group called the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

Though the name leaves nothing to the imagination the concept comes from Jon M. Chu who endorses the group as, "The Next Evolution of Dance: The LXD."

Their amazing performance has created an enormous amount of buzz online and already they are being billed as the greatest dance troupe online. Chu has released two official trailers of the group each with great production value and intense choreography. The trailers are as real as they get with a story illustrating a boy with a destiny, a leader and a traitor, a love interest, an evil villain, with 2010 being hailed as the next evolution of dance. The epic performance from the trailers suggests a Hollywood blockbuster with love and jealousy and a fight against good and evil. The online dance adventure is being presented by Paramount Digital Entertainment and Agility Studios. The choreography is by Christopher Scott and Harry Shum and B-Boy Legacy with Chu writing and directing.

"The LXD allows us to evolve how we tell stories using dance while creating a platform for the best dancers in the world to do what they do best," states Jon M. Chu, Creator of The LXD. "PDE's commitment and passion for the LXD has been amazing and together with Agility and my creative team, producing partner Hieu Ho and choreographers Harry Shum and Chris Scott, we hope reshape the future of dance and storytelling."

"We are thrilled to be involved with Jon Chu and Agility. The LXD is an exciting property that fits our strategy: it's a highly commercial project from a proven filmmaker that has feature-quality production values," said Thomas Lesinski, President of Paramount Digital Entertainment.

Chu has a steady career in film. He was the director of the Touchstone Picture "step Up 2: The Streets" which boasted big moves and Blockbuster attitude. He also created a comical Election Dance Off between the Obamanators and the McCainiacs. Jon Chu's accolades are wide ranging which will bring the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers even closer to both Internet and Television Limelight.